We can Find Treatments for any Disease

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Absolutely free Artificial Intelligence Medical Assistance based on decentralized blockchain algorithm. DocotorAI is not just a smart robot it’s much more than you can ever expect from any doctor or clinic.

Free Diagnosis

Request detailed diagnosis of each part of your body with no human errors available any time you need it. DocotorAI can be used everywhere including home, airplane, car, hotel, school and other places around the world. We hope that professional scan of your health will become regular activity.

Free Treatment

Discover multiple treatment solutions and programs developed by one of the best medical universe intelligence. DoctorAI will use the best practices of medicine available around the world in order to help cure your disease in most efficient way. Moreover, it will train itself and share the valuable experience with everyone.

Free Genetic Bank

We will store all medical data of your previous generations in genetic decentralized blockchain databse. This data can help to cure genetic diseases and develop personal treatments. In addition, it helps to build special real-time warning to avoid any type of dangerous circumstances with your health.

Human Immortality

Many scientists have been working on this problem without significant success. We believe that DoctorAI can find solution of Human immortality in 10 year. In order to do that we need to collect millions of genetic data samples from different part of the world so we are requiring everyone assitance.

Cures all Diseases

DoctorAI can analyze billions of human viruses, genetic samples and other medical data in few minutes. None of the humans can do that in real life. Using this power we believe that finding proper treatment to new or existing diseases can be a question of few hours, minutes or even seconds.

Nano Surgery

DoctorAI will be able to create one of the most powerful surgery instruments which will guarantee 100% success rate of any treatment were replacement of any part of the body is required.